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About Us

Driftwood Ceramics was created in 2018 by Husband & Wife, Ken and McKenzie Stanley. McKenzie has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Truman State University, focusing in ceramics. Ken has a Bachelor in Fine Arts Degree from University of Missouri, focusing in Painting. Together they created this studio for art lovers and admirers. 

Driftwood Ceramics welcomes students with a variety of classes, including date night classes, private classes, month-long classes, kids classes, and company events. Find out more about each class in the "classes" tab.

We also accommodate artists who have a desire to work on personal artwork. We provide memberships to individuals who have worked in studios previously and who have an understanding of the medium. Find out more about our memberships in the "membership" tab.

The studio is equipped with work tables, potters wheels, glazes, and supplies. We fire all work in electric kilns at a cone 04 for bisque and cone 5 for glaze. For any other questions about our studio, please contact us.


Meet The Team

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